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Turf.Solutions assembles the customers, planes, insurance, FAA filings, and tools necessary to conduct flights. All you have to do is fly. It’s that simple.

TurfSolution UAV Drones
TurfSolution UAV Drones

Fly UAV's Commercially

Turf.Solutions is FAA commercially approved and complies with all current rules and regulations for the commercial use of UAVs. With our FAA 333 exemption we are uniquely qualified to offer UAV flights. Becoming a Turf.Solutions certified UAV pilot will allow you to expand your UAV skills and learn best practices for safe and successful flights.

Making Money with UAV’s

Turf.Solutions offers premier UAV flight services by not only equipping you with our fleet of SenseFly eBee crafts, but also with the opportunity to become a certified and insured pilot. These elements combined with our expertise in agriculture allow us to successfully serve as your partner as a professional pilot.

TurfSolution UAV Drones

Interested In Becoming A Pilot?

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