Drone Pilot 101

Become a commercial flight service provider for golf courses.

Becoming a certified UAV pilot with your Part 107 will allow you to expand your UAV services and learn best practices for safe and successful flights. Your flight experience coupled with our actionable software with enable you to provide high value flight services for your golf customers.

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Drones for Turf Management

As the demand for unmanned aerial systems increase, the need for experienced pilots will be greater than ever. Pilots with an interest or expertise in turf data collection will have a competitive edge and quickly gain hands-on experience in the field. You do not need to be a turf management expert to fly for golf. Turf.Solutions makes it easy for pilots without turf management knowledge to provide a solution that is built specifically for them.

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Check out our friends at Gowdy Brothers Aerospace for more information on getting your FAA Part 107.

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You Fly, We Do the Rest. Introducing Dronifi, tools designed for commercial flight service providers to serve multiple industries.

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