Turf.Solutions for Hurricane Renovations

Assess course and facility damage and renovation efforts with drone technology

Assess Scale. Track Damage. Manage Renovation.

Turf.Solutions uses drone imagery to assess, count, measure and quantity damage to your course and facilities and monitor repair progress. From start to finish, Turf.Solutions software and service staff will assist you with assembling course damage data for insurance claims and provide tools to track your renovation efforts.

TurfSolution UAV Drones
Measure Damage

Assess Scale.

Aerial imagery provides a unique vantage point of initial damage assessments and documentation, essential for insurance claims and repair estimates.

Track Damage.

Immediately identify and monitor areas requiring additional repairs and to get your course up and running as soon as possible.

Track Damage
Track Damage
Manage Rennovation

Manage Renovation.

Create and manage work orders for staff and third-party vendors, leveraging task management tools and aerial records to streamline renovation efforts.

You Get Access To

Image Analysis

Identify turf health conditions and trends.

Detailed Reports

Areas of interest are identified and monitored over time.

Task Management

Share identified areas with staff for inspection.

Mobile Tools

Interact with your data and your team on the go.

Data Integration

Import irrigation data and other data layers to interact with aerial imagery.


Easily compare imagery over time to track progress and course improvements.

How it Works Works - Fly or Buy

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, we have two options to offer:

You Fly

Fly your course with your own staff and let Turf.Solutions track your renovations for 12 months. Use Turf.Solutions' tools to identify invasive grass encroachment, fertilizer uptake, turf stress and course playability.

Package Includes:

  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • 1-Year subscription to Turf.Solutions

We Fly

Professional pilot conducts one flight and uploads aerial data to Turf.Solutions. Turf.Solutions provides course mapping of key course features for every hole. Use Turf.Solutions' tools for 12 months to identify invasive grass encroachment, fertilizer uptake, turf stress and course playability.

Package Includes:

  • Professional Drone Flights ($1,000 credit)
  • 1-Year subscription to Turf.Solutions
Both packages are priced at $3,995 + tax and can provide a course assessment within days.

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